Our customers expect exceptional results from us, and we succeed by being integral to their success.

In today’s constantly evolving business environment, customers look to us for our capabilities and expertise. We have global insight, world-leading practices, local knowledge and the ability to make things happen on the ground. 

As almost all of our work is highly confidential and commercially sensitive, OBSETECH has a policy not to name customers or discuss current assignments unless knowledge of our involvement is already in the public domain. Therefore should specific details be required on our experience or capabilities please contact us for more information.

The majority of our customers are from following industries:

Aerospace & Defense

We work directly or through our reputable local partners and system integrators with Police and other Law enforcement agencies and Military. It is precisely these forces who play the major role in public security. We are honored to contribute to their mission by supplying our customized products from very affordable thermal imaging cores to complete security surveillance systems and unmanned & manned vehicles.


We work closely with professional local Security system integrators to help them develope their projects and supply our customized components or advanced security systems for perimeter and critical infrasturucture assets security.


We highly appreciate a mission of Firefighters and Rescue men so we are honored to supply them our quality products which helps them locate and rescue victimes.

Power engineering

We help to protect and inspect energy infrastructure assets of our customers who made investmens in Solar & Wind power plants, Natural gas & Coal power plants, Geothermal power plants, Oil & Gas facilities and pipelines, LNG platforms, Power lines, etc. We also supply thermography products for non-destructive testing (NDT).