obsetech cores

OBSETECH is an international high-technology group, recognized supplier of advanced observation components, surveillance systems and video processing software for various industries.

Company aims to provide world class surveillance solutions mainly for Public safety and security, Aerospace, Defense, Power engineering, Automotive, Robotics and Healthcare industry. Main focus is to design, manufacture and supply advanced observation technologies such as thermal imaging cores, various optics, day cameras, starlight cameras, long-range surveillance systems, multi-sensor systems, ex proof cameras, monoculars and other special equipment and components. 

OBSETECH components contribute to provide safety for people, secure critical infrastructure assets, and avoid failures and damages in power engineering.

Components and solutions from OBSETECH are used in a wide variety of situational awareness and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, search and rescue, fire detection, drug interdiction, intruders detection, transportation safety and efficiency, robotics, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, wildlife observation, perimeter and critical infrasturcture assets protection, non-destructive testing, inspections of photovoltaic plants, power lines and pipelines, or chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives threat detection.

OBSETECH applies an ambitious quality policy to ensure total customer satisfaction by delivering outstanding products and services. Reflecting this policy, OBSETECH is recognized as a partner of choice by all customers. A company that designs critical products for the demanding aerospace, defense and security markets must absolutely deliver outstanding quality to all of its customers. OBSETECH quality policy is deployed across all of our companies and suppliers worldwide, within the scope of a dynamic innovation and continuous improvement approach.

OBSETECH offers comprehensive security solutions (hardware and software) addressing the customer’s every need including: project management, needs based design, engineering, testing, commissioning, training, detailed documentation, fast and competent support and installations through global service network. 

OBSETECH offers flexible surveillance components or complete solutions for a broad range of needs. All products can be fully designed and manufactured according to the customers requirements as well as integrated into their systems. Simply put, whatever your needs, OBSETECH can supply.