Technological advances in the field of unmanned vehicles are not limited only to UAVs, more commonly known as drones, but they are also increasing in the field of Unmanned Ground Vehicles or UGV.

UGV systems are flexible robotic platforms developed to provide powerful multipurpose mobility support. Depending on their size and purpose, they can be extremely portables and they can even be able to avoid obstacles autonomously. 

UGVs can be used by emergency services such as fire brigades, ambulances, police, etc… Providing a great support for a wide variety of tasks, including: assistance to disabled people, fumigation, harvesting, transporting, patrol monitoring and detection, investigation, exploration and inspection at tunnels, buildings, mines, etc.

In the military sector UGV systems are mainly used for military functions ranging from area recognition to supplies and equipment provisioning for military forces in conflict zones. More specifically, some of the tasks in which these autonomous systems are used are: to determine dangerous areas for soldiers, provide surveillance information, carry supplies, set targets, explosive activation, etc.


OBSETECH supply OEM thermal imaging cores, day cameras, ex-proof cameras as well as multi-sensor systems. 


Defense and off-road security and observation

Growing use of camera systems within passenger cars has increased their presence in heavy-duty equipment, as well, bringing improved visibility and safety to the industry. Visibility via camera systems is key in defense applications due in part to the increased number of blind spots around the vehicle and its limited number of windows.

Off-road vehicles are used for hard to access areas of a border or area of interest. They can be modified to client specifications for extra off-road capability and versatility. It can be equiped with a standard mobile observation platform or any other special feature needed by the client. They are used especially by Police, Defense or Law enforcement agencies for border surveillance, perimeter monitoring and other surveillance  missions.

The vehicles are outfitted with multi sensor technology which includes:

  • Thermal cameras
  • Day/Starlight cameras
  • LRF
  • GPS with target acquisition
  • Special features:
    • Wireless jammer
    • Wireless signal detection
    • UAV control and auto-tracking
    • Etc.