In the past 10 years, terrorist threats on critical assets nationwide and national assets abroad have made intrusion detection and perimeter security a priority for the private sector and the government alike. Traditional security measures include CCTV cameras and patrols, but night surveillance requires additional surveillance equipment. Each critical site’s environment is varied and can sustain high traffic during from local staff, visitors and animals that do not represent a real threat.

Vital infrastructure such as power plants, utilities, airports, ports, military bases, railways, drinking water facilities, chemical factories, offshore platforms, pipelines, etc. serve the entire community, supporting both the needs of life and the benefits of our global economies. Loss or damage to such assets can have a serious impact including the loss of life and property.

Perimeter security

Since at least the Roman Empire, fortifications, walls and barriers have been an important part of protecting sovereign territories and private property. Perimeter security is designed with the main primary purpose to keep intruders out. Governments utilize perimeter security not only for the safety of their citizens, but to control the flow of commerce and immigration, as well as to protect vital infrastructure from vandals and terrorists. Property owners and organizations of all sizes use various man-made technology to achieve varying degrees of perimeter security.

OBSETECH Thermal fence is a fully integrated perimeter security solution that provides accurate intrusion detection and instant visual alarm assessment capability while minimizing false alarms.