In today’s armed conflicts, field conditions are increasingly unpredictable and threats can appear out of nowhere. This constantly shifting landscape is further complicated by hostile mission environments: deserts, mountains, dense forests and urban areas. Add to these new types of enemies: insurgents, terrorists, militias, gangs and hooligans. The capacity to rapidly assess the environment can quickly become a life-and-death situation for your military, paramilitary and security forces.

OBSETECH cooperates with the military and the security advisers in order to design and deliver the latest technologies tailored to the customers with the international military standards.


Infrared in military

With infrared, military owns more than the night

Mission safety and security depend on fast, reliable information about the terrain for rapid, targeted responses during the day and especially at night.

Short-, long- and mid-wave infrared imaging helps defense agencies find targets and even determine intent. The goal is to see – day or night – through smoke, fog, dust or any other airborne obscurant. This capability is important so that soldiers can tell whether someone is holding a hoe or a rifle. And seeing more clearly can better reveal intent, an important piece of information: If the object is indeed a weapon, it’s also important to know if it’s being carried in a relaxed pose or in an aggressive stance.

The infrared imaging systems market mainly depends on the military sector. This market for applications is estimated to reach up to $8,450 million by 2020.


Unmanned Aerial & Ground Vehicles (UAVs, UGVs)

The growing capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) will revolutionize warfare by providing military, security and civil authorities with stealth intelligence-gathering capabilities. UAVs can be deployed in a wide range of missions, such as surveillance, detection, reconnaissance, identification, classification, tracking, border control, force protection and more. Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) improve safety for operating teams and reduce manpower requirements for dangerous missions (cleaning terrain, ordnance detection, ground reconnaissance and surveillance for small infantry units). Replacing manned vehicles with unmanned systems is significant for improving troop safety.

OBSETECH is globally recognized supplier of customized components for UAV and UGV manufacturers and system integrators.