Without electricity, it would be near impossible to live like we do today.
We keep your power plant under

absolute control from inside and outside.


Thermography in power engineering

The transmission and distribution network is a highly complex system of lines of interconnecting electric energy sources, transformer stations and consumers. Unfortunately, failures can occur within electricity networks that can lead to electricity breakdowns as well as destructive fires. One of the most frequent failures in the distribution network is the overheating of individual components. Our thermal imaging systems are very useful tools to prevent such problems.
OBSETECH supplies handheld thermal cameras, gas leak detection cameras, ground real-time monitoring system with automatic overheating detection as well as systems for aerial inspection of photovoltaic power plants, high-voltage power lines, pipelines, etc.


Perimeter protection
When it comes to perimeter security of your power plants or another critical infrastructure assets, you want to have timely, believable alerts with video of the alarm. This lets you tell right away what’s happening outside of your site, at all times. While there are several options for detecting outdoor intrusions, thermal cameras with video analytics have become very affordable and maintenance free perimeter security solution. Smart thermal cameras operate day or night, and can detect intruders automatically and very reliably over the large distances.
OBSETECH perimeter solution is a unique combination of thermal security cameras, video analytics software, and other intrusion detection sensors brought together in a scalable, customizable design. With our thermal virtual fence, you can create a fully integrated perimeter security solution that provides accurate intrusion detection and instant visual alarm assessment capability while minimizing false alarms.


Surveillance and real-time monitoring
Power generation, distribution systems and utilities are frequently the target of professional thieves, sabotages or even terrorist attacks. Security professionals select OBSETECH™ for night vision, wide area surveillance, threat assessment, detection and situational awareness. Thermal imaging cameras enable threats to be detected before they become a security risk to the facility, providing personnel with real-time images of activity in and around the facility. Our camera systems provide comprehensive round-the-clock site coverage, detecting and assessing threats using both color day video channels and day/night thermal cameras. In addition, overheating, fire detection and gas-leak detection solutions can be incorporated into our systems.
OBSETECH supply various types of premium quality cctv cameras and thermal cameras with advanced video-analytics software solution. We offer also all-in-one intelligent system for real-time industrial thermography and surveillance which can easy detect overheating, fire, gas leak or trespassing.