Aerial infrared inspection

Power line & utility infrared inspection services are designed to locate potential electrical problems and assist utilities with eliminating failures in transmission, distribution and substation systems. UAV integrated inspection system use to combines two cameras: for visible spectrum (inspection of visible defects to piping) and a thermal imaging camera (for detection of hidden defects).


Preventive maintenance

When you work with or around electricity you know that something minute can make an entire system fail. Any electrical issues can be easily identified through thermal imaging, whether it’s for preventative maintenance purposes or testing different electrical scenarios. Thermal imaging can alert maintenance personnel to the hotspots that often emerge prior to an electrical fault or mechanical malfunction. Thus, remedial action can be taken on defective equipment before there is a failure, thereby avoiding equipment downtime, more extensive damage and more costly repairs.


OBSETECH intelligent power grid monitoring system

For the power grid, we offer thermal online monitoring system that enables real-time monitoring which can monitor the operation of sub station, with the features of automatic warning, real-time access equipment false state information, meanwhile generating corresponding temperature change statements, etc.