Gas, oil and pipeline monitoring

It is necessary for the gas and oil companies to watch over its pipelines to ensure their safe and economical work.  All possible malfunctions may be cost generating and could tarnish the company’s image. Because of the huge pipelines’ networks spreading throughout thousands of kilometers, their monitoring is not easy. With UAV we can inspect huge sections of the pipeline and ensure a detailed monitoring in real time.

UAV inspection advantages:

  • Cost saving – Drone inspection is cheaper than using a helicopter while also maintaining the same image quality,
  • Time saving – The system’s mobility and its ability to rapidly analyse gathered data reduces the time of defect detection and repair to a minimum,
  • High productivity Low costs and short time of taking photos make for the most effective way of the pipelines’ inspection,
  • High quality inspection – our trained pilots are able to fly very close to the inspected object. Together with our engineers’ knowledge we are able to rapidly locate and diagnose even a thermal related problem.
  • The best thermal imaging equipment – using highest quality thermal imaging cameras we are able to detect even the slightest leak.


Other applications:

  • Forest fire monitoring
  • Wind turbine and blade inspections
  • Solar panels inspections
  • Power line/cable inspections 
  • Train paths and line inspections 
  • Power plants inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Border and perimeter monitoring